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Federal Office of Communications

The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) deals with questions related to telecommunications, broadcasting and post. In these areas, OFCOM is responsible for tasks relating to regulation and to national authority, in particular ensuring the quality of the universal service and the public service. The Office prepares the decisions of the Swiss government (the Federal Council), the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) and the Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom). OFCOM is also developing international activities.

OFCOM Online - OFCOM's online services

Numerous products and services are available at the "OFCOM Online" one-stop shop.

Latest News

Are you shocked by the amount on your mobile telephone bill? Sending and receiving premium-rate SMS or MMS messages might be the cause! SMS and MMS services such as stock market information, sports information, downloading of games, logos and ring tones are more expensive than normal SMS/MMS messages to a friend or relative.

A call to a number starting with 0900, 0901 or 0906 (combined designation: 090x) usually costs more than a phone call to a friend, a customer or a relative. In the case of monthly subscriptions with inclusive minutes, the cost of these calls is usually additional to the subscription price. Such numbers allow you to have a conversation as well as provide you with a service, which is charged directly to you on your telephone bill. The price of a call to one of these added-value services may cost several Swiss francs per call and per minute. Calls to such premium-rate numbers and the use of such services may therefore inflate your telephone bill. Caution is advised.

In 2014, Swiss Post continued to offer the payment transaction services which are imposed upon it by the legal provisions and met the requirements of the Federal Council in relation to their accessibility. This is the conclusion reached by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) after having examined the annual report on the fulfilment of the payment-related universal service mandate which Swiss Post submitted to it for the 2nd consecutive year.

Following the decision by the Federal Court of 13 April 2015 that VAT will no longer be charged on the radio and television reception fee, those who have already paid the invoice for the period from April 2015 will receive a refund. The company Billag will implement the decision of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). Radio and television reception fee payers will therefore have any overpayment they have made deducted from their next invoice. As a result, they will not be disadvantaged in comparison with households and companies who will receive an invoice in May on which no VAT will be charged.

As of 1 May 2015, the radio and television reception fee will no longer be subject to value-added tax (VAT). It will decrease from CHF 462 to 451. This is the consequence of a ruling published today by the Federal Supreme Court. At present, the radio/TV reception fee is subject to VAT at a rate of 2.5%. The other possible consequences of this decision will be the subject of a detailed analysis by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

Starting a career as a young woman in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) - why not? On the international day of action "Girls in ICT" on 23 April 2015, OFCOM will show young women prospects for their future careers.

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