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Media and Post (MP)

The media, whether electronic or printed, stand at the crossroads of freedom of information, the market, a duty to perform and plurality. It is up to the State to put in place a framework of conditions which enables this system to work properly for all the players involved and for consumers. The staff in the Media and Post Division ensure compliance with the rules and contribute to defining the provisions of the universal service and the public service in relation to the media and the press.

The Media and Post Division
  • is the Confederation’s first point of contact for legal, financial or technical queries in relation to media, indirect press support and the universal service with postal services and payment transactions;
  • checks licence applications in the electronic media sector submitted to the Department or the Federal Council;
  • distributes revenue from radio and TV licence fees and indirect press support;
  • ensures that statutory provisions in the electronic media sector are complied with;
  • ensures that the postal and payment transaction services forming part of the universal service are sustainably assured.

The Department is split into 5 sections:

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Last updated on: 07.11.2014

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