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Radio Monitoring and Equipment (RA)

The RA Division is responsible for interference-free operation of the frequency spectrum. To this end it monitors the technical conformity and electromagnetic compatibility of devices and equipment and deals with the related statutory framework.

The four sections of the RA Division advise and support the internal administrative functions and external parties in relation to systems and frequency operation.

The Radio Monitoring and Equipment Division:
  • identifies and analyses sources of interference over the whole frequency spectrum and operates a contact line for the security services round the clock 365 days a year;
  • is the body specialising in all matters relating to electromagnetic compatibility;
  • provides technical and administrative support for Federal and cantonal offices in complying with the Ordinance on Protection from Non-Ionising Radiation;
  • monitors and guarantees the technical conformity of telecommunications systems and electrical devices (electromagnetic compatibility);
  • provides information and advice to customers regarding market access, technical issues and regulations;
  • develops the related statutory framework and regulations for telecommunications systems, radiocommunication licences and electromagnetic compatibility;
  • takes the statutory measures (penalties, marketing bans, recalls etc.).

The division is subdivided in 4 sections:

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Last updated on: 01.11.2015

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Head of Radio Monitoring and Equipment

Gabriela Seiz, Vice-Director