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National Frequency Allocation Plan

The allocation of frequencies to different radio services is laid down in the national frequency allocation plan (NFAP).
This consists of the actual plan (radio services classified according to frequency ranges) and the annexes with rules for utilisation of the corresponding frequency range.

The national frequency allocation plan is based on the Radio Regulations of the ITU and the relevant publications of the CEPT. It generally follows their prescriptions.
As the most important instrument for planning the radio frequencies resource, it is subject to approval by the Swiss Federal Council (Law on Telecommunications, art. 25, para. 2).

The plan provides an overview of national utilisation of the frequency spectrum and distinguishes between civil, non-civil or shared bands, as well as between primary and secondary allocations.
Planned future allocations are indicated, as far as possible.
Specific allocations of frequencies to different categories of users are entered directly in the plan or referenced in the annexes.
Individual allocations of frequencies to individual frequency users are not, as a rule, listed.
The technical interface requirements necessary for use of the corresponding frequency ranges are referenced.
This provides interested parties with a transparent and concise overview of the technical and operational requirements for frequency utilisation in Switzerland in accordance with the fundamental concepts of the EU's R&TTE Directive.
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National Frequency Allocation Plan
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