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Telecommunications Report 2014
With the Telecommunications Report 2014, the Federal Council is presenting a further report on the development of the Swiss telecommunications market. Following reports in 2010 and 2012, with the 2014 Report the Federal Council is therefore fulfilling a parliamentary mandate to analyse developments in the telecommunications market and identify requirements for legislative action. The report also contains information on the Confederation’s majority holding in Swisscom.
New mobile telephony frequencies for Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom
The companies Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom have been allocated mobile telephony frequencies in the auction which took place in early 2012. The allocation concerned on the one hand frequencies which were already free or which would soon become free and on the other hand all those granted to operators in the past; the Communications Commission (ComCom) had launched the procedure to guarantee the future of mobile telephony provision of high quality and at the lowest possible prices.
Reception fees
In Switzerland, anyone who listens to the radio or watches television must, basically, pay the reception fee. This fee has to be payed whatever the broadcasts watched or listened to and whatever the means by which they are received. Reception fees for radio/television programmes are billed and collected by Billag AG, based in Freiburg. Billag AG is also the contact point for any queries, changes of address, registrations and deregistrations, applications for exemptions, etc.
Deployment of optical fibre in Switzerland
In order to allow the development of proposed services and applications on the internet, the speed and capacity of the network have to increase continuously. Current technology will not be adequate in the long term. The deployment of optical fibre to businesses and households must respond to the challenge of tomorrow's information society. The term "Fibre To The Home" (FTTH) describes the telecommunications network which brings optical fibre to households and businesses.
"Digital Switzerland" Strategy
Switzerland should consistently exploit the opportunities of digitisation in all areas of life. This is the focus of the Federal Council's "Digital Switzerland" Strategy which was adopted in April 2016. The Federal Council wishes to ensure that Switzerland can benefit from increasing digitisation and develop even more dynamically as an innovative national economy and as a location for research and innovation. The new strategy supersedes the Federal Council's Strategy for an Information Society in Switzerland dating from 2012.
Elektromagnetic compatibility and environment
OFCOM is the technical competence centre of the Swiss Confederation for the electromagnetic compatibility of telecommunications systems and electrical apparatus.
Particular equipment
Specific information and particular topics in relation with offering, placing on the market and using telecommunications equipment.

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