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Number blocks and codes

Numbering plan for Swiss telephone numbers
Information on allocation and management of telephone numbers for fixed network and mobile telephone services (e.g. 031, 032, 078 or 079) and codes (e.g. 098013).
List of number ranges and codes allocated to telecommunication services providers.

Technical prescriptions

Type: PDF
Numbering plan for international carriers
Last modification: 07.12.2015 | Size: 78 kb | Type: PDF

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- SR 784.101.113/2.15 Use of addressing elements without formal allocation


Type: PDF
Guide: Information about allocation of E.164 numbers area
Valid from 01.01.2015 | Size: 28 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Request for allocation of E.164 numbers
Valid from 01.01.2015 | Size: 102 kb | Type: PDF

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