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Whether you want to communicate with OFCOM, order products and services, register for examinations, report interference, look for the holder of a premium rate number or pay your bills, for example, OFCOM provides you with online tools which are available around the clock.

OFCOM Online

The OFCOM Online portal makes it possible to order and pay online for products or services in the areas for which OFCOM is responsible. It also provides the possibility to search for holders of individual numbers, telecommunications service providers or Citizens' Band users' call signs.

Access to official documents

Anyone has the right to consult the official documents held by OFCOM and to obtain information on their content. No special form of application for access is required and no reason need be given. Sufficient information must be provided to enable the requested documents to be identified. In principle, consultation takes place on the spot. In principle, a charge is payable for access to documents. The rights of the media to information are maintained.

Electronic communication and administrative procedures

Like the other administrative authorities of the Confederation, OFCOM and the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) accept applications and requests sent to them electronically and are able to send their decisions by the same route.

Billing and payment methods

To pay OFCOM products or services the following payment methods are available.

Statistics forms

Pursuat to art. 59, para 2 of the Telecommunications Act (TCA, CC 784.10), every TSP is required to provide the Office with the information necessary to produce official telecommunications statistics.

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