Payment order

You receive a paper bill with a paying-in slip and have various options for instructing your financial institution to make the payment.

Instruction via form

You do not need a computer, nor do you have to register anywhere. You can obtain the necessary forms from your financial institution. Whenever you want to pay your bills, fill out a payment order and present it to your financial institution.

Instruction via online banking

If you have registered for online banking with your financial institution, you can issue the payment order via the internet. For quick and simple processing, we recommend e-billing.

Payments from abroad

You have the following options for commissioning a financial institution based abroad to make the payment in Swiss Franks (CHF) without any deduction:

  • credit the postal account 25-383-2
    Federal Office of Communications
    P.O. Box 256
    CH-2501 Biel/Bienne
    IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 2500 0383 2
  • credit the Swiss National Bank
    Federal Finance Administration
    Finance and Accounting
    CH-3003 Berne
    (bank clearing 100, SWIFT-Code SNBZCHZZ80 A, account 15100.02902,
    IBAN:  CH71 0011 5001 5100 0290 2
    in favour of BUKR 1084 - BAKOM)

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Last modification 01.10.2016

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