Digital Self-Determination

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In Switzerland, the potential of data should be better exploited. This requires new data use concepts that strengthen the individual's control over personal data and thereby digital self-determination. On 30 March, the Federal Council therefore adopted various measures to promote trustworthy data spaces and digital self-determination in Switzerland and abroad.

Digital Self-Determination Network

In order to achieve broad acceptance, this code of conduct is to be developed under the coordination of the Confederation and with the participation of the national Digital Self-Determination Network in a joint process involving the various interest groups and stakeholders.

The Digital Self-Determination Network was formed in 2019 to encourage cooperation between all stakeholder groups so that citizens, companies and public institutions could reap the benefits of the data economy while adhering to the fundamental values of a liberal democratic society.


For any questions or comments regarding the Digital Self-Determination Network, or to register your interest in contributing to the network's activities or working on the code of conduct, please use this link

Last modification 14.12.2022

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