Exemption of recipients of supplementary benefits

My mother needs a high degree of care since last year and is therefore living in a home. Does she still have to pay the fees?

Residents in nursing homes who require care corresponding at least to the levels defined in Art. 7a para. 3 letter e of the Federal Department of Home Affairs Ordinance of 29 September 1995 on Health Care Services are exempt from the obligation to pay the fee and to notify reception equipment. A statement from the nursing home concerning the level of care must be sent to Billag AG.

I have been working for an international organisation for three months. Do I have to pay the fees?

Yes. Personnel of international organisations are not exempt from the obligation to register and pay fees.

I receive an invalidity pension as well as supplementary benefits. What do I have to do to obtain exemption from reception fees?

The person who is obliged to pay the fees must submit to the collection agency a written application. If the application is approved, that person becomes exempt from payment of fees on the last day of the month in which the application was submitted. It is therefore advisable to submit the application for exemption from fees to Billag AG at the same time as the application for supplementary benefits.

I am on social assistance; can I obtain exemption from the fees?

No. Only those receiving supplementary annual benefits relating to old age, surviving dependents and invalidity insurance can be exempted from the reception fees.

I have been in Switzerland for four months. Do I have to pay the fees?

Yes. Persons domiciled abroad who remain in Switzerland for 3 months or more must pay the fees.

Do prisoners have to pay the fees?

Yes. No exceptions are envisaged in the legislation on prisoners.

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