Individual studies

Individual studies with various thematic emphases are collected under this heading.

Constitutional principles of a possible regulation of public online debates (2020)

Study of 5 March 2020 (PDF, 909 kB, 25.06.2020)(The whole study is only available in French)

Information and communication behaviour during the Corona crisis (2020)

Functional and dysfunctional public in a democracy (2020)

Online media monitoring (2019)

Studies on artificial intelligence and public sphere (2019)

The role of social media in the public function of journalism (2019)

Qualitative analysis of the web offerings of Swiss regional television (2018-2023)

Working practices in local radio/regional television (2018)

Streaming Media Monitor (2017)

Media usage research in international comparison (2016)

The public service in relation to electronic media - studies (2015/2016)

Prospects for regional Television (2015)

Gender and media in the run-up to the Swiss federal elections (2015)

The media landscape in Switzerland - studies (2013)

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