Rules in force for preselection

Preselection can be programmed only at your request or at the request of any person you authorise to represent you.

Two forms of contract are currently in use for preselection:

  • the written form. In this case, you sign a contract with the telecommunication service provider of your choice.
  • the verbal form. This form is used by a large number of service providers when preselection contracts are concluded by telephone.

The preselection application is part of the contract concluded under private law between you and the carrier of your choice. Regardless of whether it is made in writing or by telephone, it must include a description of the services offered, confirmation that you are actually the subscriber of the connection, an authorisation empowering the provider to arrange preselection on the subscriber's connection and, where applicable, an indication by you of a period giving you time to cancel the ongoing contract - if necessary.

Preselection applications made by telephone must be recorded. The recording must include your express consent to the verbal conclusion of the contract. In the case of a preselection application following a "cold call", the entire commercial conversation preceding the actual preselection application must also be recorded.

Cancellation period

The cancellation period for a preselection contract is laid down in the contract concluded with the chosen provider. Preselection contracts can often be cancelled without notice. However, more and more service providers are linking certain offers of services (e.g. ADSL) with preselection for a minimum period laid down in the contract. It is therefore essential to read the contract before making a final commitment.

Cooling-off period

In the case of contracts concluded over the telephone between a provider and a private customer, there is a legal right of cancellation of 14 days. This does not apply if the private customer has explicitly requested the contract negotiation or if the private customer’s services during the minimum term of the contract do not amount to more than CHF 100.

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Last modification 25.02.2016

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