How to avoid unpleasant surprises?

  • Be aware of the specified price and conditions of the service offered if you wish to use SMS or MMS added-value services. Make sure you are not taking out a subscription without realising it. If in any doubt, it is better not to make use of the added-value service at all.
  • Make a note of the deactivation code if you take out a subscription for receiving SMSs or MMSs, even though the deactivation code must be sent with each message. If you do not receive a deactivation code, contact your mobile telephony operator's hotline. On the basis of the short number, they can then inform you who operates the SMS/MMS service and provide assistance in relation to the deactivation code.
  • Be aware! If you are requested to send an SMS to a short number, especially if there is an assertion of urgency or the promise of a prize, only do so with caution, if at all. Claims that such services are free are usually untrue.
  • Be aware of who is using your mobile phone.
  • Exercise caution regarding to whom and where you give out your mobile phone number.
  • Activate barring sets: your mobile telephony operator must make these available to you.

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Last modification 01.07.2015

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