How to react?

Are you are surprised at the telephone bill you have just received? Are charges listed in the added-value services section for SMS/MMS services? Is the amount billed for calls to SMS/MMS services, for example, higher than expected or did you not even realise that you had activated an SMS/MMS service?

  1. Inform your mobile telephony operator quickly and ask them about the holders of the short number of the SMS/MMS added-value service in question, or consult the lists of short number holders published by mobile telephony operators. Complaints must be made directly to the SMS/MMS value-added service provider.

  2. You can challenge your mobile telephony operator with regards to the amount charged to you for an SMS/MMS service in writing. If you pay the difference on time the mobile telephony operator cannot block or terminate your contract until the conclusion of the matter. They may, however, deny you access to added-value services.

  3. Contact the telecommunications dispute resolution service (ombudscom). If you cannot reach agreement with your mobile telephony operator or the holder of the short number, ombudscom can help to settle the matter without resorting to legal proceedings. An attempt to reconcile the situation must have been sought before ombudscom can become involved.

  4. Inform OFCOM or the competent authorities (e.g. the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) in the case of unfair business practices, or the prosecuting authorities in cases of suspected criminal conduct such as fraud) in as much detail as possible.

  5. You can also instigate civil or criminal proceedings. In this event it is advisable to involve a lawyer or a legal advice service with the relevant legal expertise.

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Last modification 02.07.2021

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