Stories from the Internet: Avoiding pitfalls on the internet with the help of a comic strip

How can you avoid mishaps on the net? A comic strip published by the Federal Office of Communications illustrates the elementary precautions to be taken in the virtual world. "Stories from the Internet" are available on paper, in PDF format or online at They have been a great success, in particular as teaching material used in schools, in Switzerland naturally, but also in Belgium, Canada, Germany and Bosnia, where the comic strip has been translated into the three national languages of this country.

"Stories from the Internet" recount the online adventures of the Webster family in the form of 15 anecdotes intended to make the population more aware of the need to use the internet wisely and responsibly. They are targeted at all generations and tackle various issues such as sexting, cyber-bullying, cyber addiction, inadequately protected computers, expensive apps, the subscription trap and personal data. The idea is not to frighten surfers, but to make them more aware, with a touch of humour, of the dangers which can arise on the internet and to enable them to adopt appropriate behaviour.

The comic strip concept, available in the four national languages of Switzerland and in English, has been a great success in Switzerland where it is often used as teaching material in schools. But interest in this publication extends beyond the national frontiers: it has also been translated into Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian for distribution in schools in Bosnia.

Discover the stories for yourself online at

You can also download the PDF version or order free paper versions of the "Stories from the Internet".


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