Digital Inclusion Switzerland

Information and communication technologies (ICT) - i.e. computers and the internet -make communication faster. But not everyone has equal access to these possibilities. There is a risk that certain groups of people will not be able to enjoy the benefits of ICT. In such cases the persons concerned are largely excluded from the information society.

Digital Inclusion Switzerland network

2007 saw the foundation of the "Digital Inclusion Switzerland" network, initiated by OFCOM. Public authorities, interest groups and businesses are represented in the national network. Network members launch and support e-Inclusion projects with the aim of facilitating access for all to information and communication technologies, thereby giving everyone equal opportunities in order to enjoy the benefits of the information society. For more information on the network and its action plan, go the the e-Inclusion website (see link on the right side).

Equality of opportunity

The basic principles for the implementation of the strategy include equality of opportunity:

Human beings are at the centre of the information society. Everyone should be able to use ICT in their private and professional life, for their benefit and their future development. Equal-opportunity, barrier-free and non-discriminatory access for all to ICT and competent use of ICT by the inhabitants of Switzerland are an essential prerequisite for this. This also involves consideration of the needs of potentially vulnerable population groups when they use ICT, as well as lifelong learning for all.

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