Net neutrality

Developing the foundations for discussing net neutrality – this was the goal of a Federal Government working group. In its report, published on the website of the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), an overview of net neutrality issues was produced. Various stakeholders and experts contributed to the drafting of the report between October 2013 and October 2014.

The report of the working group discusses the operation of the internet and outlines the core issues of network neutrality. It gives an insight into the situation in Switzerland and refers to developments abroad. At the centre of the discussion is the fact that today data on the internet can be transported in different qualities. Whether it is necessary and appropriate to treat all data equally is the topic of heated debate. One side points to the necessity of network management and calls for freedom in the design of its products; the other wants guaranteed equal treatment of all internet data, at least to the extent that discrimination against aplications from competing service providers cannot occur. This report compares the arguments of the opponents and proponents of the possible rules for network neutrality, without making judgements. The positions of the various stakeholders are intended to pave the way for an objective discussion of the topic in a Swiss context. The Federal Council will set out its position on network neutrality in a report on telecommunications market.

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