At the heart of the strategy is the consistent utilisation of the opportunities of digitisation so that Switzerland can position itself as an attractive place to live and as an innovative, future-oriented location for business and research. This strategy supersedes the Federal Council's Strategy for an Information Society in Switzerland of 9 March 2012.

The Confederation's digital policy places people at the heart of a prosperous, democratic information and knowledge society in Switzerland. Based on the Federal Constitution it increases common welfare, quality of life and sustainable development. It promotes cohesion between the regions and cultural diversity, and also strives to achieve national and international security and stability in the digital world. Switzerland actively promotes equal opportunities in the digital sphere at both national and international levels.

"Digital Switzerland" Strategy


Key objectives

The Federal Council's "Digital Switzerland" Strategy shall pursue the following key objectives:

Action areas and goals

Implementation of the strategy

The strategy shall be implemented by the responsible departments and federal authorities together with all the relevant stakeholders from the private sector, academia and civil society. All measures by departments or federal authorities in relation to the implementation of the "Digital Switzerland" Strategy shall be summarised in an action plan. This action plan shall be updated annually.

DETEC, which is responsible for organising the dialogue on "Digital Switzerland", shall manage the coordination of the implementation measures and the further development of the strategy within the Federal Administration. This work shall be conducted within the framework of a Confederation coordination group.

The Information Society Business Office, which is located within OFCOM, shall provide the coordination group with administrative and content-related support.

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