Reception fees

In Switzerland, anyone who listens to the radio or watches television must, basically, pay the reception fee. This fee has to be payed whatever the broadcasts watched or listened to and whatever the means by which they are received. Reception fees for radio/television programmes are billed and collected by Billag AG, based in Freiburg. Billag AG is also the contact point for any queries, changes of address, registrations and deregistrations, applications for exemptions, etc.

Information about Radio and television broadcasters

Licences, coverage areas, company figures, addresses and further information about radio and TV broadcasters can be found here.

Information for broadcasters

Useful documentation about the obligation to register, short-term events, reporting and fee-splitting can be found here.

Media policy

Decisions, strategies, fundamentals and studies for the current and future configuration of the Swiss electronic media landscape.


OFCOM is the supervisory authority for radio and television broadcasters and monitors compliance with the legislation and licences.

Werbung und Sponsoring

Werbung und Sponsoring im Radio und Fernsehen unterliegen zahlreichen Regeln. Für die Anwendung in der Praxis hat das BAKOM Richtlinien erstellt.

Formation and research

Advertising and sponsorship in radio and television are subject to numerous rules. OFCOM draws up standards for practical application.


You are on the technical side of broadcasting; here you will find the frequencies of programmes, the locations of transmitters and informations on the cable networks.

FAQ about the reception fees

The general frequently asked questions (FAQ) are answered here.

Facts and figures

Studies, statistics and additional data from the electronic media sector can be consulted here.