Registration obligation for radio and television broadcasters

In principle, Swiss broadcasters are only obliged to register. New broadcasters must register with OFCOM before starting transmission.

A licence is required by the SRG SSR idée suisse and the other broadcasters with a performance mandate (with or without fee-splitting). This applies in particular to those broadcasters making use of VHF frequencies.

All other broadcasters must register with OFCOM before starting transmission, regardless of the type of transmission (internet, wire, frequencies, satellite) unless they are of minor significance in media terms. This relates to offerings which can be received by fewer than 1000 receivers or which transmit editorially unprocessed data (weather images, time information, emergency numbers, etc.).

Anyone who does not comply with the registration obligation or who submits their registration late or incompletely or provides false information may be subject to a charge of up to CHF 10,000 (art. 90, para. 2, letter a RTA).

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