Radio and television fee

In principle, all Swiss households as well as businesses and collective households pay a fee for radio and television. A new feature is that the obligation to pay the fee is no longer dependent on whether equipment which makes it possible to receive radio or television programme services (radios or TV sets, smartphones, tablets or computers with internet access) is present.  

  • Private households pay CHF 365 per annum.
  • Collective households pay CHF 730 per annum.
  • Businesses pay a fee dependent on turnover.
  • The Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has been commissioned to examine the level of the fee in 2020 and every two years thereafter, with the aim of a further reduction.
  • The fee revenue is used to support the SSR SRG, but also licensed local radio and television stations. These broadcasters must provide specific services in order to ensure a top-quality public service in Switzerland.

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Sector radio-television fee:
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Last modification 17.04.2019

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