Fee for businesses

Businesses liable for value-added tax in Switzerland (those with a domicile, residence or business premises in Switzerland) with a global turnover in excess of CHF 500,000 are automatically liable for the radio and television fee.

  • The business fee is collected by the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).
  • As soon as all turnover data is available, the FTA will send out the annual bills between February and October.
  • For the fee liability in the first collection year, the total turnover of the year before last (2017 total turnover) was applied.
  • Businesses will automatically receive an annual bill from the FTA.
  • Legal basis: Articles 70 - 70d of the Federal Radio and Television Act (RTVA; CC 784.40) and Article 67b – 67i of the Radio and Television Ordinance (RTVO; CC 784.401).

For further information and questions concerning the fee for businesses, please contact the FTA:

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Last modification 24.02.2020

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