Media Structure Report

The Media Structure Report analyses the development of television, radio and online media in the Swiss media landscape. It provides an overview of the supply structure, financing models, programme content and the use of media offerings.

Media Monitor Switzerland

Medienmonitor Schweiz (Media Monitor Switzerland) examines the role played by the media in relation to opinion-forming in Switzerland and documents the balances of power and business ties in the media market.

Programme analyses: SRG radio stations

Scientific analysis of SRG radio stations currently has a changing regional-language focus (German-speaking Switzerland; French-speaking Switzerland; Italian-speaking Switzerland and Romansch-speaking Switzerland).

Programme analyses: SRG TV

The scientific analyses of the SRG’s television programmes are carried out at regular intervals. All the SRG television programmes were examined using quantitative content analyses (full survey).

Programme analyses: SRG Online

The scientific analyses of the SRG's online offering are carried out at regular intervals. They consist of quantitative content analyses of the SRG's entire online offering. A random selection of the online presences of the four business units - SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR - was used as the sample.

Programme analyses: private radio stations

The scientific analyses of the private radio stations are carried out at regular intervals. The programmes of commercial private radio stations with a performance mandate and fee-splitting which are broadcast at prime times in the morning, mid-day and evening were examined.

Programme analyses: regional TV stations

The scientific analyses of regional television programmes are carried out at regular intervals. All licensed regional television stations were examined, as well as Tele Züri for reasons of comparison, using quantitative content analyses (full survey of the licensed regional television broadcasters).

Audience survey: programme assessment

Using scientific criteria which is representative of Switzerland, this study surveys the subjective impression which the Swiss media audience has of the services provided by the private and public radio and TV stations.

Individual studies

Individual studies with various thematic emphases are collected under this heading.