VHF transmission

Radio programmes can still be broadcast on VHF until the end of 2026

The VHF radio licenses valid today will be extended for a final time by two years. This will give broadcasters more flexibility to successfully migrate from analogue to digital radio.

Status quo for VHF - Federal Council opts for digitisation

In theory it is possible to use frequencies for analogue broadcasting of programme services on VHF, though the costs for all participants are disproportonate. In a corresponding report approved on 26 October 2011, Federal Council is endorsing its strategy for the future of (digital) radio broadcasting in Switzerland.

Coverage areas for VHF radio

Definitions of the 34 coverage areas for private VHF radio stations.

Instructions for VHF network planning

Based on the Law on Radio and Television the instructions for VHF network planning adopted by the Federal Council define the local/regional coverage areas of the individual radio stations and stipulate the number of the respective licensed radio stations.

Future of radio in Switzerland: possibilities and limits

New VHF programmes are feasible in the Swiss radio market without endangering any existing stations. This is the conclusion of economic and technical studies carried out by OFCOM with regard to the restructuring of the radio landscape.

Five scenarios for optimising VHF coverage in Switzerland

OFCOM has published the final report of the VHF 2001 group of experts on its website. In the report the experts propose measures for optimising the scarce VHF frequency resources.