Five scenarios for optimising VHF coverage in Switzerland

OFCOM has published the final report of the VHF 2001 group of experts on its website. In the report the experts propose measures for optimising the scarce VHF frequency resources. At the heart of the report are five scenarios for the future technical design of the Swiss radio landscape. OFCOM is receiving comments on the final report and the scenarios.

Against a backdrop of the constant scarcity of frequencies, a group of experts was commissioned by OFCOM to research the possibilities for optimising VHF coverage in Switzerland. The group of experts – composed of specialists from OFCOM, the Swiss Broadcasting Company (SRG), local radio stations and other specialists – delivered its final report in November 2002. The report contains various recommendations which were compiled into five different scenarios for the Swiss radio landscape. The emphasis of the individual scenarios varies markedly:

Various recommendations

  • Incremental optimisation of the existing VHF coverage (scenario 1);
  • Application of new technical measures to increase the number of programme packages which can be broadcast (primacy of quantity, scenario 2);
  • Improving the reception quality of existing programme packages (primacy of quality, scenario 3);
  • Subdivision of the VHF frequency band into one range for SSR SRG and another range for the private broadcasters (band split, scenario 4);
  • Active promotion of the rapid migration to digital broadcasting (introduction of DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting, scenario 5).

Appropriate studies

After the study was published, OFCOM examined the economic feasibility and effects of the individual scenarios and commissioned further studies. OFCOM then communicated the scenarios to the interested media circles for comment.

Further information

New VHF programmes are feasible in the Swiss radio market without endangering any existing stations. This is the conclusion of economic and technical studies carried out by OFCOM with regard to the restructuring of the radio landscape.

In 1992 a team of experts assessed the Confederation’s VHF frequency planning activities:

Specialist staff
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