Technical documentation

The technical documentation must provide evidence of conformity of the radiocommunications equipment with the essential requirements. It must cover the design, the production and operation of the equipment and include the following:

  • a general description of the radiocommunications equipment consisting of:
    1. photographs or illustrations showing the external characteristics, marks and internal construction;
    2. software or firmware versions affecting compliance with the essential requirements of this Ordinance;
    3. instructions for use and installation;
  • sketches, production drawings and plans of components, assemblies, circuits and similar significant elements;
  • the descriptions and explanations which are necessary for an understanding of the stated drawings and plans and of the operation of the radio equipment;
  • a list of the technical standards designated by OFCOM which are applied in their entirety or in part as well as if these standards have not been fully applied or not at all a description and an explanation of the solutions adopted to fulfill the essential requirements;
  • a copy of the declaration of conformity;
  • if applicable a copy of the type approval certificate issued by the conformity assessment body concerned and its annexes;
  • the results of the design calculations, tests and similar significant elements;
  • test reports;
  • a declaration as to whether the requirements of the National Frequency Assignment Plan (NFAP) are satisfied, and a declaration as to whether the information has been provided on the packaging;
  • appropriate risk analysis and assessment (with procedure according to annex 3).

On OFCOM's request the entity responsible for market access must be able to provide the technical documentation within a reasonable delay (usually 15 days). This technical documentation must be available at least until 10 years after the last equipment has been manufactured.

If the technical documentation is not written in an official language of Switzerland or in English, OFCOM may require a complete or partial translation into one of these languages.

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