Cordless phones CT1+

The cordless phones CT1+ can still be put on the market and exploited although the frequency bands used are from now on intended for mobile telephony. On the other hand, a use without disturbance is not guaranteed any more and the telephone has to be taken immediately out of service in the event of interferences.

Since January 1, 2006, an interference free use of cordless phones CT1+ is not any more guaranteed. Concretely, this means that:

  • Anyone owning a cordless telephone of type CT1+ can continue to use it as before. However, there will no longer be any protection from interference. If equipment causes interference to other radio systems, the owner will no longer be allowed to use it (it must immediately be taken out of service).
  • Dealers may also continue to sell telephones of type CT1+. However, they will be obliged to point out clearly to their potential customer that there is a possible interference problem when the phone is used.

CT1+Technology (analogue modulation and a 80−channel capacity in the band of the 900 MHz) has been gradually supplanted by the digital technology DECT. The latter which employs a frequency band entirely harmonized at the European level, was well established on the market and the prices for the equipment cutted. This reduction in the prices also allowed a use of this technology in fields other than wireless telephones (such as modems without wire, babyphones, telemetry...).

In addition, the European regulators decided to allot the frequencies used by the cordless phones CT1+ for the extension of the GSM 900 mobile telephone networks.

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Last modification 15.12.2006

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