Surveillance of telecommunications equipment

Objective of the surveillance of telecommunications equipment

Telecommunications equipment (wired or wireless applications) is an indispensable working tool, particularly for security and transport services but increasingly for individuals too. For the security of all, OFCOM carries out checks on equipment which is available on the market (post-marketing checks).

Sources of the checks of telecommunications equipment

To the extent that conformity is verified once the equipment is available on the market, OFCOM carries out sampling checks and one-off checks on the basis of information gathered from sources.

Priority of the checks on telecommunications equipment

OFCOM does not check all the telecommunications equipment which is available on the market. It acts in a targeted fashion in accordance with priorities which are laid down in consideration of the intended aims of market surveillance and its sources of information. Equipment is therefore checked more in terms of the danger they represent rather than the technology which is used.

Telecommunications equipment surveillance results

Each year OFCOM publishes the results of the surveillance of telecommunications equipment performed the previous year. These results are generally available in the corresponding section of the annual reports and in greater detail in articles in Infomaling. The relevant links can be found here.

Measures taken with a view to compliance with the rules on telecommunications equipment

When OFCOM suspects that a trader is selling equipment which is not in conformity, it goes to the location to carry out a check on the equipment which is being placed on the market. During this inspection, samples of the telecommunications equipment which is being checked are taken away to allow their conformity to be checked. While it is on the spot, OFCOM may forbid the sale of inspected equipment if they are flagrantly not in conformity.

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