Award of mobile telephony frequencies

Mobile radio frequencies for 5G awarded in Switzerland

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has successfully awarded new mobile radio frequencies. All three current operators, Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom, could acquire a wide range of new frequencies in an auction.

Consultation regarding the draft tender documents concerning the award

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has instructed the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) to prepare the award of new mobile telephony frequencies. Barring unforeseen circumstances, ComCom will launch the public invitation to tender concerning these frequencies during the current year. The frequencies will be awarded within the framework of an auction. With this in mind, interested telecommunications operators are invited to take part in this consultation on the initial draft of the tender documents. The consultation will run until 23 February 2018.

Auction of mobile phone frequencies in 2012

The companies Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom have been allocated mobile telephony frequencies in the auction which took place in early 2012. The allocation concerned on the one hand frequencies which were already free or which would soon become free and on the other hand all those granted to operators in the past; the Communications Commission (ComCom) had launched the procedure to guarantee the future of mobile telephony provision of high quality and at the lowest possible prices.

Last modification 06.07.2018

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