OFCOM is your point of contact in the case of technical interference to radio traffic or to reception of radio or television programmes using an aerial. If you receive programmes by cable, please contact your cable provider.

Radio and TV reception

Are you having a problem with reception of radio or television programmes? Please make sure firstly that your own equipment has no technical faults and that all cables are connected properly, then check that your neighbours are experiencing the same problems. Still having problems? If you receive radio or television via a cable network, contact your cable provider if you experience interference. If you receive radio or television programmes using an aerial, you will find further information at Radio and TV reception.

Radio communications

Are you experiencing problems with radio traffic? OFCOM is the Swiss technical competence centre for the prevention and elimination of interference to radio traffic. We perform planning, monitoring and administration of the use of the frequency spectrum. If interference does occur, our specialists look for the cause and where possible ensure rapid solutions. More information on our activities, your point of contact and the possible costs involved can be found at Radio communications.

Specialist staff
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