Radio communications

As a user of a radio device, you are generally well protected against interference by OFCOM's frequency planning and allocation work. If, in spite of these measures, radio traffic is affected, please let us know.


OFCOM plans and manages the use of the radio frequency spectrum in Switzerland. Despite all the attention devoted to this, interference can affect radio traffic on the odd occasion. The possible causes are many. In addition to technical faults in equipment, quality can also be detrimentally affected by overshooting, reflections or non-observance of regulations relating to radio traffic.

In particular, the following are not considered interference according to the Telecommunications Act:

  • Overcrowding of frequencies (high frquency occupancy) allocated to a large number of users which have too many concurrent users, such as e.g. frequencies for CB radio, PMR and PMR446, radio remote controls, short-range radio devices, wireless weather stations, wireless internet access – in particular in multiple-occupancy buildings with wireless modems, WiFi routers, WLAN repeaters, etc.
  • Mutual interference of the amateur radio service in the assigned frequency bands caused by wave propagation (dead zones) or overcrowding, in particular relay stations, etc.
  • Interference to a radio service with secondary status according to the International Radio Regulations by a radio service with primary status in the same frequency band (e.g. wireless microphones in relation to TV).

Clarification of interference

If interference does arise, please make sure firstly that your own equipment has no technical faults or deficiencies (for instance, check that your neighbours are experiencing the same problems). If we do establish that interference can be traced back to a fault or deficiency in your own equipment, we will have to invoice you for intervention costs. As trouble-shooting can involve considerable technical outlay, it can very quickly become an expensive process.

How to contact us

If you are able to exclude any faults or deficiencies in your own equipment, please notify the interference online:

For essential emergency radio services, such as air-ground communications, police and fire services, we also operate a special control point around the clock. For obvious reasons, we are not able to publish this number.

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