Electromagnetic waves

Technical aspects

The effects of electromagnetic waves on people and the environment are of a completely different nature. Again, OFCOM is the Swiss Confederation's technical centre in relation to the technical aspects of this problem area (calculations, measurements and measurement techniques).

Effects on health

For questions regarding possible effects on health, the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN or the Federal Office of Public Health are available to you as relevant technical centres of the Confederation.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and mobile radio base stations factsheet

All transmitters, including mobile radio base stations, generate electromagnetic fields which can affect other electrical equipment. In the following fact sheet, OFCOM outlines how such incidences can be dealt with at the planning permission stage for mobile radio installations (and other fixed transmitter equipment).

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Location of radio transmitters

Are you interested in the location of radio transmitters in Switzerland? Then our interactive information web site is for you.

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