Power Line Communication at Solothurn

In its capacity as Swiss regulator, in 2004 OFCOM carried out a measurement programme in the Swiss city of Solothurn in order to make a statistical assessment of the interference level emitted inside buildings by domestic electrical equipment for data transmission using PLC technology. The assessment related to modems of the HomePlug standard, which dominate the European market without any real competition. The modems are for domestic use and are freely available on the Swiss market.

The results clearly show that the statistical interference level emitted inside buildings is significant across the entire frequency band concerned (4.49 - 20.7 MHz), except in the amateur radio bands. The level reached is such that it appreciably exceeds the limits specified in the German NB30 regulations. The results also show that reception of high frequency radio signals is difficult or even impossible in the coverage area of the modem.

The results permit the hypothesis to be made that this equipment is not in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable European directives relating to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and that a particular effort should be made by the HomePlug consortium to produce a more appropriate standard.

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