Use of wireless radio equipment during large-scale events


If you are organising or planning to participate in an event such as a concert or sporting competition, it's important to remember that you need a licence for the use of certain wireless communication equipment there. You must apply to the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM for a licence to operate professional mobile radio (PMR) equipment (for voice or data), wireless cameras and satellite news gathering (SNG) equipment.

Radio communication for voice/data transmission

Application for a temporary licence for voice or data transmission: 

Wireless camera

Application for a temporary wireless camera licence: 

Satellite news gathering (SNG)

Application for a temporary SNG licence: 

Wireless microphones
a) Most wireless microphones can be used in Switzerland without a radiocommunications licence. You can use the following link to find information about the licence-free frequency bands for this type of equipment:  

b) For the use of high-power audio equipment (see RIR1013-20), it is necessary to apply for the appropriate temporary radiocommunications licence from OFCOM: 

Please note:

  • Completed licence applications (as a PDF or Word document) should be sent to OFCOM at the following email address:
  • Frequencies are allocated on a first come, first served basis. OFCOM cannot guarantee that licence applications will be processed if they are not received in a timely fashion. We recommend that applications be made as early as possible, ideally one month before the event.

The equipment used must comply with the rules in force in Switzerland. More information can be found at:

  • OFCOM may carry out checks at events to ensure that frequencies are used as intended and to avoid disruption to other users.
  • For further information, please email us:

Cross-border events: For events that are being held jointly with countries bordering Switzerland (e.g. cycle races), you must apply for a separate licence in every country where you wish to use the radio equipment. 

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