Measures taken with a view to compliance with the rules on licences

With regard to surveillance, OFCOM prioritises information over repression and places emphasis on prevention. It provides advice which makes it possible to avoid infringing the legal norms. In the serious cases, OFCOM imposes penalties.

The following are the possible specific measures:


Whenever a check is carried out, OFCOM provides information and documentation on licences.

Amendment, award and withdrawal of the licence

A licence is granted if the user does not have a licence or it is amended if the network which is checked differs from the network which has been notified. In this case, the unpaid licence fees are recovered and a warning is given as part of the decision. In case of non-payment OFCOM will withdraw the licence.


A fine is imposed in the serious cases, in particular:

  • operation of equipment which is not in conformity,
  • the user has already been warned,
  • the number of frequencies is greater than those authorised by the licence,
  • the term of the licence has been exceeded, where it is limited in time.

The amount of the fine is generally proportional to the seriousness of the case and is determined as part of a decision.


If the equipment is not in conformity or in the event of a repeated offence, the equipment is confiscated from its owner as part of a decision.

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