European Union (EU)

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political association of 27 European countries. Owing to its broad scope of competence in internal market matters and in developing trans-European networks, the EU plays an important role in the telecom, media, digital and data policies of its member states.

The EU is very active particularly in establishing a functioning internal market for its 27 member states. In the last few decades it has pursued an ambitious strategy for making the single market fit for the digital age. The subsequent data and digital policy regulations have not only had an impact on the European single market, but have also made the EU a leading global player with respect to internet policy.   

Importance for Switzerland

Owing to the proximity of markets in telecommunication and audio-visual services and to the growing relevance of the European market for digital services, developments in the EU also have implications for Switzerland. In view of rapid technological development and growing cross-border activity, regulators face major challenges (e.g. the responsibility of platforms, data protection, cybercrime and cybersecurity, disinformation) with respect to digital and data policy.

OFCOM’s role

For the above reasons, good institutional relations and coordination between the EU and Switzerland are important. OFCOM maintains relations with the relevant EU institutions and with the competent authorities in the EU member states.  

OFCOM also has an officer stationed at the Swiss Mission to the EU in Brussels who represents Swiss interests vis-à-vis the EU in matters that fall within OFCOM’s remit. The officer maintains close ties with the EU and its member states and closely follows the latest developments in EU policy. 

Specialist staff
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