Implementation of WSIS outcome along the action lines of the Geneva Plan of Action

For all 11 main action lines of the Geneva Plan of Action, multistakeholder groups have been created in order to facilitate their implementation. Each of these groups is led and coordinated by one or more international organisation competent for the subject of the action lines. These "main action line facilitators" also coordinate the activites at the level of the overall action plan. Representatives from the administration, the business sector and civil society in Switzerland also take part in these activities, according to their competence and experience. OFCOM, which led and coordinated the Swiss activities during the WSIS preparation phase and summit itself, is also acting as Swiss coordinator for implementing the WSIS results.

At the second phase of WSIS, the international community mandated the international organizations (ITU, UNESCO, UNDP, etc.) to facilitate the implementation of the Geneva WSIS 2003 Plan of Action according to their competence and mandate. For each of the 11 action lines, one organization was designated to act as "main facilitator" to support and facilitate the implementation of the respective action line and provide an overview. Through regular meetings and online interaction the involved players should be able to exchange information and facilitate the implementation. In order to have an overview of the progress of implementation of the whole Plan of Action, the "main facilitators" regularly coordinate and exchange information among themselves.

Furthermore, a UN Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) was created at the highest UN-level. This group should improve coordination at the level of the director-generals and secretary-generals of the international organizations.

OFCOM's activities in the process of implementing the WSIS outcomes along the action lines

The Swiss federal administration, but also representatives from the business sector and civil society are participating, according to their competences and resources, in the activities of implementing the WSIS action lines at the national and international levels.

OFCOM, which coordinated the Swiss activities and positions during the WSIS preparation phase, is continuing to play a coordinating and clearinghouse role for the implementation process. The "Plateforme Tripartite", a multistakeholder forum led by OFCOM for the WSIS preparation phase, will continue, as requested by its members, to be a platform for the exchange of information and experience at the national and international level.

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