Newsletter No 453 (15.01.2024)

You could be interested by new pages which have been published on the OFCOM website between 01.01.2024 and 14.01.2024.


Universal service

Since January 1, 2024, the specified transmission rates for Internet access are 10/1 Mbit/s or 80/8 Mbit/s at the customer's request. Furthermore, every household is entitled to two free directory entries. In addition to SMS transcription and relay services, and voice access to directory services, the hearing-impaired also benefit from a sign-language relay service for conversations via video telephony.


National Frequency Allocation Plan

The allocation of frequencies to different radio services is laid down in the national frequency allocation plan.
This consists of the actual plan (radio services classified according to frequency ranges) and the annexes with rules for utilisation of the corresponding frequency range.


New licences for 38 local radio and regional television stations

The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) has issued 38 licences to local radio and regional television stations for the period 2025 to 2034. Most of the existing licence holders will also be awarded the contract for the new period. In one TV and two radio coverage areas, the licence is being awarded to a new applicant.


New technology, new antennas

The following explanatory video, produced by OFCOM, shows how adaptive antennas improve reception for mobile telephony users while reducing the impact on surrounding areas. Based on the actual parameters of an antenna located in a residential area, the video illustrates, thanks to simulations, how radio waves propagate in this neighbourhood.

Link to the video

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