Newsletter No 375 (15.03.2019)

You could be interested by new pages which have been published on the OFCOM website between 01.03.2019 and 14.03.2019.


Purchase of radio equipment abroad for resale in Switzerland

Interesting offers for radio equipment can often be found on the internet. These must comply with certain requirements so that they do not cause interference to the frequency spectrum in Switzerland. This fact sheet shows what you should be aware of when importing radio equipment. We limit ourselves to the requirements of the Telecommunications Act. Other statutory requirements which are outside OFCOM's area of responsibility are not covered.


Individual number allocation (0800, 084x, 090x)

Here you will find consumer information on the numbers which are allocated individually.
These numbers are used to offer services in the following categories: Freephone Numbers (0800), Shared-cost Numbers (084x), Personal Numbers (0878), Business and Marketing (0900), Games and Competitions (0901) and Adult Entertainment (0906).


Individual studies

Individual studies with various thematic emphases are collected under this heading.


Mobile phone repeaters

Weak mobile phone reception at home or in business can make life difficult for us – so the use of a repeater might seem obvious. While these devices can amplify mobile phone signals, they can also interfere. Therefore, several requirements must be met before using repeaters.

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