Newsletter No 446 (03.07.2023)

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Individual studies

The Governance of Artificial Intelligence in Public Service Media (2022)


Further development of the emergency call system in Switzerland

Switzerland's emergency call system should function more reliably. A new reference model for the transmission of emergency calls shows which standards and services the different actors have to fulfil. This will reduce the risk of outages and increase service availability for the Swiss population. The emergency services and Swisscom, together with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), have identified and defined the necessary measures.


.swiss domain names available to private individuals

From the first half of 2024, private individuals will also be able to acquire a .swiss domain name provided they are Swiss or live in Switzerland. To this end, the Federal Council adopted a revision of the Internet Domains Ordinance (OID) on 2 June 2023. It has now tasked the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM, as the registry for the .swiss domain, to prepare for this extension.


Federal Council intensifies efforts to achieve high-speed internet coverage for the whole of Switzerland

A reliable broadband infrastructure is required in all regions to ensure that inhabitants and businesses throughout Switzerland are able to benefit from digitalisation. With the report 'Federal Strategy for a Very High Capacity Network', the Federal Council shows how high-speed internet can also be implemented in regions in which expansion is not worthwhile for the industry. The Federal Council has tasked the DETEC with making suggestions for further action by the end of the year. It approved the 'Federal Strategy for a Very High Capacity Network' at its meeting on 28 June 2023. The report fulfils the postulate of the same name by the National Council's Transport and Telecommunications Committee.

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