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National Frequency Allocation Plan

The allocation of frequencies to different radio services is laid down in the national frequency allocation plan.
This consists of the actual plan (radio services classified according to frequency ranges) and the annexes with rules for utilisation of the corresponding frequency range.


Registration and publication as a TSP

Anyone wishing to use radio frequencies or addressing elements which are subject to licensing and administered at national level for the provision of telecommunications services must be registered by OFCOM.


Radio and television fee

In principle, all Swiss households as well as businesses and collective households pay a fee for radio and television. A new feature is that the obligation to pay the fee is no longer dependent on whether equipment which makes it possible to receive radio or television programme services (radios or TV sets, smartphones, tablets or computers with internet access) is present.


Technical and administrative regulations in the field of telecommunications

Telecommunications has developed rapidly in recent years. The current Telecommunications Act was no longer able to provide up-to-date answers to various questions and therefore had to be adapted. In order to ensure that the new legal foundations could enter into force on 1 January 2021, the Federal Council adopted the necessary amendments to seven implementing provisions of the Telecommunications Act. On this basis, OFCOM adapted the corresponding technical and administrative regulations.


.ch internet domain names

The technical management of the .ch domain in relation to the global internet domain name system has been delegated to SWITCH until the end of 2026. SWITCH also provides the service for accessing the registration data for .ch domain names (RDDS, formerly WHOIS). However, with the entry into force of the revision of the Ordinance on Internet Domains (ODI) on 1 January 2021, the personal information of holders of .ch domain names is no longer accessible via this service.

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