Consultation 2014 on the draft amendment to the LTC Ordinances - Fact Sheet 1 (as of March 2014): why an ordinance on internet domain names?

The confederation must have at its disposal a modern legislative tool to enable it to lay down the rules for management of top level internet domains, such as .ch currently or .swiss in the future. In an information society where economic, political, social, cultural and sporting activities depend more and more on the internet and electronic communications, an appropriate and effective legal framework is of paramount importance.

The new legal framework has several goals:

  • to guarantee a sufficient high-quality offering in relation to the top level domain names  .ch and .swiss
  •  to ensure respect for national interests and Swiss law for the management of the top level domains .ch and .swiss in particular
  • to ensure the security and availability of the infrastructure
  • to make the legislation sustainable in anticipation of future developments, for example the appearance of new domains the management of which might be entrusted to the Confederation or to another Swiss public body
  •  to define the roles and responsibilities in relation to the assignment and management of top level domain names

The timetable

  • Consultation of the parties concerned: 13 February to 17 April
  • Adoption and entry into force of the Ordinance: during the 4th quarter of 2014

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Last modification 13.02.2014

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