Consultation 2014 on the draft amendment to the LTC Ordinances - Fact Sheet 4 (as of March 2014): what legal framework for .swiss domain names?

By means of the .swiss domain names, the Confederation wishes to increase Switzerland's visibility in the virtual market of the internet. To obtain a .swiss address, a candidate must provide evidence of its special relationship with the country and help strengthen the image of quality, reliability and innovation which Switzerland promotes in the world.

Qualifying conditions

  • Only bodies based in Switzerland or which have a special relationship with Switzerland may a priori acquire a .swiss domain name
  • An applicant must demonstrate its relationship with the requested .swiss domain name and give precise details on the use that it wishes to make of it
  • The policy for the assignment of .swiss domain names must defend the interests of the Swiss community. The new Ordinance on Internet Domains (OID) provides for a progressive assignment of domain names, first to privileged categories, such as, for example, public bodies, holders of Swiss trade marks, businesses or activity sectors which are essential for Switzerland. In the subsequent phase, other categories might be opened up, in a phased manner, for the assignment of .swiss domain names
  • An independent consultative committee, composed of representatives of interested parties (registrars, domain name users or internet users, the business sector, the intellectual property sector, associations), will support the registry in its .swiss domain management policy. It will be able to express opinions or recommendations and comment on the assignment of a .swiss domain name
The price for the registration of a name in the .swiss domain is not yet known. It will certainly be higher than that which is usually charged for other domains, in particular to cover the costs of the assessment of applications for registration.

Special designations

Some domain names have a generic character, such as for example, or Consequently the holder of such a name could potentially benefit from an advantage over its competitors. The OID provides safeguards and specifies that these designations may be assigned only under a naming mandate. This means that the applicant must demonstrate that it will use this address not for its individual interest but for that of the Swiss community or the community concerned by the requested name.

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