Finances Media (FM)

The Finances Media section:

  • exercises financial oversight over
    • SRG SSR (the Swiss Broadcasting Company),
    • licensed private broadcasters and 
    • the reception fee collection agency Serafe;
  • periodically reassesses the amount of the radio and television fee;
  • supports financially mountain radio stations, the introduction of new technologies, the Mediapulse foundation (audience studies), and the Swiss Telegraphic Agency, Keystone-ATS;
  • collects, analyses and publishes data on the economic situation of private broadcasters;
  • advises and supports the Division on all financial matters;
  • supports the Office’s International Relations Service on financial matters relating to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), the UPU (Universal Postal Union) and the media partnership with TV5 Monde; 
  • responds to internal and external enquiries about the funding of the state-run audiovisual service in Switzerland.

Specialist staff
Last modification 09.12.2020

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Florian Montandon

Co-Head of Finances Media

Frank Tuschling

Co-Head of Finances Media