Numbering and Addressing (NA)

The Numbering and Addressing Section:

  • deals with questions of numbering and addressing policy in the telecommunications and Internet sector;
  • assigns and manages numbering and addressing resources in the telecommunications sector, including:
    - telephone numbers in accordance with Recommendation E.164 of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU);
    - short numbers;
    - access and routing codes;
    - communication parameters.
    These resources are also assigned online via the eGovernment DETEC portal;
  • develops, in cooperation with the telecommunication service providers, the rules for telephone number portability
  • deals with technical questions relative to the Internet domain name system (DNS) and the management of Internet top level domains (TLDs) that are subject to Swiss jurisdiction (in particular .ch and .swiss);
  • acts as the registry for the generic TLD .swiss;
  • deals with technical issues relating to the electronic signature;
  • draws up the technical and administrative regulations relating to the different addressing resources, number portability, the administration of second-level domain names dependent on the .ch and .swiss domains, access to the directory data of public telephone service customers and the electronic signature;
  • monitors the development of and takes account of international technical standardisation;
  • oversees compliance with legal provisions in the section's area of activity.

Specialist staff
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Oliver Girard

Olivier Girard

Head of Numbering and Addressing