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The OFCOM Online portal makes it possible to order and pay online for products or services in the areas for which OFCOM is responsible. It also provides the possibility to search for holders of individual numbers, telecommunications service providers or Citizens' Band users' call signs.

OFCOM Online is available at

Summary of products and services

Individual numbers and addressing resources

Requests for the allocation of service numbers (of the 090x type, for example), freephone numbers (of the 0800 type) or certain addressing resources can be processed online. This electronic one-stop shop also allows searches to be carried out on such numbers or resources, notably to determine the identity of the holder.

If you already have addressing resources allocated by OFCOM, you can migrate your data on the OFCOM Online portal and manage your data and products on line.

Further information:

Radiocommunication licences

The majority of radiocommunication licences can be ordered online. Applications for amendments or cancellations can also be submitted at any time at the electronic one-stop shop.

Registration for radiocommunication examinations

Registrations for radiocommunication examinations can be submitted online. After the examinations, the following certificates are awarded: amateur radiotelephone operator, novice amateur radio operator, VHF radiotelephone operator for inland navigation radiocommunications, Short Range Certificate (SRC) and Long Range Certificate (LRC) for the use of radiocommunications equipment on pleasure craft.

VHF licence for short-term events

OFCOM grants regional local VHF licences for events of short duration to support radiophonic training projects, in particular activities carried out with young people, or to accompany major events. A programme service within the framework of a VHF short-term licence may be broadcast for a maximum of 30 days within a period of 60 days within a single local or regional area.

Registrations and reports

  • Providers of telecommunications services (voice or data transmission and transmission of radio or TV programme services) must notify OFCOM, which publishes their address and a list of the services they offer.
  • Broadcasters of radio or television programme services who are not subject to licensing must notify OFCOM before starting broadcasting.
  • To ensure that the emergency rescue chain can operate properly in an emergency, PLB (Personal Location Beacon) emergency devices must be registered with OFCOM in the holder's name.

Other services

You can also use the internet

  • to report cases of interference in relation to reception of radio or TV programme services or radiocommunications,
  • to search for the Tx status for microwave radio sites.

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