Sales of Swiss providers of international roaming services (end customer market)

The figures published here represent the revenues of Swiss providers of international roaming services, which were not generated by a bundled product. A breakdown of revenues from bundled products is unfortunately not possible for all providers, which is why no figures on these revenues are available. The published figures therefore represent only a part of the revenues attributable to roaming.    

Turnover of Swiss providers of international roaming services in 2018

Data roaming and voice roaming account for the largest share of revenues, with the share of data roaming growing steadily. It appears that the sharp increase in the use of roaming data more than compensates for the lower prices. . As fewer and fewer SMS are being sent, revenues from SMS are declining steadily.

Overall, revenues have fallen over the long term (10 years). In the short term (the last two to three years), however, revenues are relatively stable and have even increased slightly for 2018. This coincides with the ob-servation that prices for outgoing calls have partially increased in 2018.

As mentioned in the introduction, revenues from bundled products are not included in this study. However, in terms of volumes, they account for the greater part of the total, and have done since 2015. In fact, the long-term trend decline in revenues does not necessarily reflect reality. The trend towards bundled products implies that revenues are increasingly being generated by monthly subscription fees rather than by billing per usage, even though these revenues are not included in OFCOM's statistics due to a lack of breakdown.


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