Personnel numbers as of 31.12.

Table P1 shows the results as the number of full-time equivalent posts and answers the question "How many full-time equivalent employment posts exist in companies providing telecommunications services in Switzerland as of 31.12?". The number of full-time equivalent posts is the sum of the occupancy rates expressed in posts of all persons active in companies providing telecommunications services.

Number of occupied (a) full-time equivalent posts in companies providing telecommunication services in Switzerland as of 31.12 (Table P1)
Number of full-time equivalent posts as of 31.12 b 2016 2017 2018 2019 prov.  Var. 18-19
Posts directly attributable to telecoms 26'361 26'238 25'126 24'922 -0.8%
Posts allocated simultaneously to several sectors c 2'041 2'100 2'216 3'102 40.0%
      Proportion attributable to telecoms 471 571 531 554 4.4%
Total number of posts 26'832 26'809  25'657 25'475 -0.7%
a) The number of occupied posts is equivalent to the sum of the different rates of occupation of the persons employed, a total which is then divided by 100. If some persons are paid according to the number of completed hours, it is a matter of taking the total hours worked in December and expressing them in terms of posts.
b) Including those working at home, assistants and apprentices.
c) These are persons who work simultaneously and directly in several sectors of activity as well as those involved in common activities (management, language services, accounting, logistics, etc.).

- In this table the sums do not always correspond exactly with their constituent elements. These small differences are due to rounding up or down.
- Since 1 April 2007, broadcasting of programme services has been considered as a telecommunication service, in the same way as telephony or the internet, for example. Thus more than 400 companies which offer this type of service became telecommunications service providers in 2007.
- Since 2009, 273 providers which transmit only radio and television programme services have no longer had to participate in the statistics. In 2008, they accounted for 70.6 posts.

Number of occupied full-time equivalent posts attributable to telecoms


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