Short numbers

There are two types of short numbers: those used for services based on the telephone service and those used for SMS/MMS content services offerings.

Short numbers 1xx

In principle, short numbers consist of three digits (which can be appended with one or two extra digits), the first of which is a 1 (format=1xx). These numbers are assigned to emergency call, rescue and breakdown services, safety information services, directory enquiries (format=18xy) and special services.

The directory enquiry services (format 18xy)

Dal 1° gennaio 2007, i servizi d’informazione sugli elenchi nazionali e internazionali possono essere consultati solo chiamando i numeri 18xy. Il 111 e i 115x sono stati definitivamente disattivati il 31 dicembre 2006.

European harmonised services numbers (116xyz format)

OFCOM is making available the first short numbers in the 116xyz format. These numbers are reserved, as in the rest of Europe, for free telephone services providing support and assistance to the population.

Carrier Selection Code (free choice of provider)

Use of a carrier selection code (CSC) allows subscribers to freely choose their provider for national or international calls whether automatically (preselection) or cal-by-call. CSCs are composed of 5 digits and are allocated by OFCOM to telecommunication services providers.

Short numbers for SMS and MMS services

Short numbers (3-5 digits) allow users to access content services (generally fee-paying) via SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) services. These numbers are assigned by the telecommunication services providers directly to the content providers. Although SMS and MMS services are traditionally offered on mobile telephony networks, they are increasingly being offered on fixed telephony networks.

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