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0900, 0901, 0906 - Numbers that cost more

A call to a number starting with 0900, 0901 or 0906 (combined designation: 090x) usually costs more than a phone call to a friend, a customer or a relative. In the case of monthly subscriptions with inclusive minutes, the cost of these calls is usually additional to the subscription price. Such numbers allow you to have a conversation as well as provide you with a service, which is charged directly to you on your telephone bill. The price of a call to one of these added-value services may cost several Swiss francs per call and per minute. Calls to such premium-rate numbers and the use of such services may therefore inflate your telephone bill. Caution is advised.

SMSs and MMSs that cost more

Are you shocked by the amount on your mobile telephone bill? Sending and receiving premium-rate SMS or MMS messages might be the cause! SMS and MMS services such as stock market information, sports information, downloading of games, logos and ring tones are more expensive than normal SMS/MMS messages to a friend or relative.

Spam - Spamming - Spammer

Have you received unsolicited advertising by e-mail, fax, SMS or from automatic calling equipment? Has someone asked you for confidential information by e-mail? Then you are a victim of spamming. Mass sending of advertising without the recipient's consent is banned. You can limit spamming by following a few simple rules and exercising caution.

Free choice of carrier (call-by-call)

The intense competition generated by the liberalisation of the telecommunications market has encouraged some service providers to opt for methods which are occasionally aggressive to win new customers. The information provided here deals with the risks associated with these practices.

Protection against unwanted telemarketing

No-one likes it when the telephone rings in the evening and someone wants to convince you to change your provider, take out some new insurance or buy different products. You can take various measures to reduce such calls to a minimum. However, in Switzerland there is no absolute protection from all forms of telephone marketing.

Dispute resolution service

Haben Sie ein Problem mit Ihrer Telefonanbieterin oder mit teuren Anrufen auf eine 0900-Nummer? Haben Sie schon erfolglos versucht, sich mit der anderen Partei zu einigen?

Keeping your telephone number when you move house

When moving house, telephone customers can keep their old telephone number, even if moving to a different region. However, it is a pre-condition that their provider supports porting of the telephone number.

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