Whom can I turn to in other cases?

OFCOM is competent regarding claims in public telecommunications law.

For example, when there are problems concerning:

  • services forming part of the universal service (ceiling prices, services for persons with a handicap,...)
  • localisation and routing of emergency calls,
  • value-added services in certain cases:
    • a) blocking of access by telephone or SMS to value-added services,
    • b) indication of and compliance with ceiling prices,
    • c) correct display of numbers (090x separated from the rest of the number)
    • d) compliance with categories (0900 for business services, 0901 for entertainment and 0906 for adult entertainment),
    • e) blocking access to erotic services by persons less than 16 years old,
  • anti-spam measures,
  • carrier selection.

If OFCOM finds that certain rules within its competence have been broken, it may initiate a surveillance procedure or revoke a number, for example.

A complaint may be lodged with the competent authority when other legal requirements have not been complied with.

Legal action

If the dispute resolution fails or if you do not agree with the proposed solution, you can always bring your case before the courts.

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