Choosing a fixed telephony carrier

For your calls on the fixed network, you are free to choose the carrier for your calls, regardless of the provider of your telephone line.

There are two methods of making national or international calls using the services of an alternative carrier:

  • The call-by-call method - or manual selection - which allows you to select this carrier solely for one particular call;
  • The automatic selection method - or preselection - which allows you to select this carrier systematically for all your calls.

The carrier you have chosen for your calls bills you directly for the price of the national and international calls you make. Generally you continue to pay a subscription to the operator who provides you with your telephone line, for example CHF 25.35 per month to Swisscom for a traditional analogue connection. Some preselection providers bill the basic monthly fees for the line themselves, so that you only receive one bill, provided that you only use this operator to make all your calls.

Changing the provider of your telephone connection

In addition to Swisscom, cable network operators and fixed network operators also offer fixed network connections, so you are able to get your telephone line from a company other than Swisscom. The benefit: you can keep your original telephone number after a change of provider. Please be aware, however, that after changing, you may not be able to use all service providers. For example, many operators only offer call-by-call or preselection telephone services over Swisscom connections.

Mobile or internet telephony

In the case of mobile telephony, it has long been possible to choose your carrier directly, or even to change your carrier whilst keeping your own telephone number.

Internet telephony is a rather special means of accessing the telephone network, since it requires an existing internet access (ADSL or cable).

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