The preselection method

So that you do not have to dial the access code of the service provider which you wish to use on a regular basis, you can opt for automatic selection. It is a matter of programming the access code of the chosen provider directly on the access line (in the local exchange to which you are physically connected).


In order to use automatic selection, you will have to explicitly request preselection programming from the chosen provider. This provider will then take the necessary steps with the access line operator so that preselection is programmed. This operation is generally carried out within a few days following the application. The request may be made by telephone: your signature is not required, but your verbal consent must be recorded.

Only one automatic preselection can be programmed on an access line. However, in the case of an ISDN access, each number can be programmed individually with different service providers.

Making a call

Once preselection has been programmed, each call which is made will be carried and billed by the preselection provider, except for calls to certain special services (e.g. the emergency services) and, occasionally, calls to added-value services (084X and 090X). The way the latter calls are handled varies from one provider to another. Even if you have opted for preselection, it is still possible to use a different provider for your calls on a one-off basis by dialling an access code according to the call-by-call selection method.

All calls made with automatic preselection will be billed to you by the preselected provider. If they offer the service, you may also arrange for them to bill you for the monthly line connection charge. Otherwise you will continue to receive a bill from the operator who provides you with your telephone line for the monthly subscription to the connection.

Identifying preselection

You can find out at any time if preselection is programmed on your access line and with which provider this preselection is activated. To do this you should dial the test number 0868 868 868 from your telephone. A voice message will tell you the name of the provider with which preselection is activated. The call is free of charge.

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